It's Brake Time (Brake Calipers)

April 7, 2024

Race car drivers have demonstrated the advantages of disc brakes, so most modern vehicles use them. Sometimes just the front wheels have disc brakes, but many vehicles now have them all the way around. A major component of the disc brake is called a caliper. It works by squeezing brake pads ag... More

Improve Your Night Vision When Driving in Fort Myers

March 31, 2024

Night driving in Fort Myers is not as safe as daylight driving as evidenced by the increased accident rate at night. Much of that is simply because it's dark outside.Visibility is important to safe driving. Ninety percent of our driving decisions are based on what we see. And at night, we just ca... More

What Fort Myers Automotive Service Consumers Should Know

March 24, 2024

There are some things drivers should know about Fort Myers car service and repair. First and foremost, Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial Blvd) cares about you and your family's safety. And we really appreciate your business. Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial Blvd) in Fort Myers wants to build a trusting relat... More

A Sticky Brake Situation (Parking Brake Service and Maintenance)

March 17, 2024

We've all been there. You park your vehicle on a steeper than usual hill and worry about it rolling down while you're running your errands. So you decide you'll use the parking brake. When you get back, you release the parking brake, hit the ignition, put it in gear anduh, ohyou can feel the p... More

Change is Good (Oil Change)

March 10, 2024

You've heard that expression, change is good. When it comes to your vehicle's oil, change is not only good, it's vital for the health of the engine. But there's one question that puzzles many drivers: how frequently should my vehicle's oil be changed? There is not one simple answer, but here ar... More

Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial Blvd): Good Service and Good Fuel Economy

March 3, 2024

Most Fort Myers auto owners want to save on gas and seek our advice on improving economy. At Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial Blvd), we are frequently asked, however, if it is really worth the extra effort. Just how much money can Fort Myers drivers actually save?In today's Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial ... More

Automobile Fluids For Your vehicle

February 25, 2024

If you've walked through the automotive fluids section of an auto parts store in Fort Myers, you'll know how overwhelming the sheer number of products available can be. How do you know what's right for your vehicle?As you know, these fluids all serve a function in making your car run as you driv... More

Fuel System Cleaning at Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial Blvd) in Fort Myers for Better Performance

February 18, 2024

A fuel injector is a valve that delivers fuel to a vehicle's engine. It has to deliver the precise amount of fuel to precisely the right place, precisely when the engine needs it. The fuel also has to be mixed with air before it can burn in the engine.Fuel injectors are engineered to spray fuel i... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial Blvd): Battery Testing

February 11, 2024

The simple fact is that 70% of car batteries fail within 4 years. They just need to be replaced at Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial Blvd) when they are no longer able to hold a full charge.Batteries are a big ticket item for most Fort Myers drivers and its tempting to put off buying a new one as long a... More

Combustion Choreography: Timing Belt Replacement at Tuffy Fort Myers (Colonial Blvd) in Fort Myers

February 4, 2024

Have you ever seen a ballet performance? Have you wondered how all of those dancers manage to travel all over the stage jumping and twirling and never crash into each other? That's the job of a choreographer.Our auto engines are also highly choreographed. Pistons travel up and down inside cylinde... More